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When you’re ready to make your next career move, PRG wants to ensure your experience is seamless. We work with you to answer the essential career questions you may have. Which companies are the right fit for you? Where can you make the most impact? How can you optimize your compensation and your job satisfaction?

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PRG offers the guidance and expertise you need to make the smartest decisions for your career. Leverage your skills in contract projects, like those found with technical staffing agencies. Uncover your next professional or leadership role by working closely with one of our professional job recruiters.

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Career Options

There’s more than one way to work. Some professionals enjoy the freedom to pick up project work on their own time. Others would rather sink their teeth into a position with long-range impact. Which suits you best?

Contract positions allow you to control when and where you use your skills. This flexible option means you can stay for the duration of a project or growth period, then move on to a new position when the time comes.

Contract-to-hire gives you the opportunity to turn a contract position into a job offer if you make a positive impression on your manager and team. You’ll work on a contract basis as a PRG employee. If the employer believes you will be a good fit, they will let us know. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to tell us if you are interested as well.

Finding a job can be a full-time job. It’s especially challenging for those who take their current responsibilities seriously. Tell us about what you envision for the next step in your career. Our professional job recruiters will review our employer partners’ needs to see if we have a match. We’ll arrange interviews on your time and walk you through the entire process through offer and onboarding. 

Types Of Professional Opportunities

As an employment agency for professionals, Premier Resources Group places people in a wide range of positions at all professional levels.

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