Tailor-made options to keep your business fully staffed.

How Can PRG Help?

Do you need contract help to keep a project on track, access specialized skills or keep up with growth? Looking to add professionals to your team or seeking proven leaders who can make an immediate positive impact on your organization? PRG has the expertise and resources to help. We offer the following options to our employer partners: contract staffing, contract-to-hire staffing, and direct hire recruiting.


Unlike other staffing services, we go above and beyond to deliver quality at a value point you won’t find anywhere else.



Specialized/Industry Specific

Reliable/No Risk

Contract Staffing

Add flexibility to your team based on your project and business needs. PRG can deploy high-quality contract resources to your job, project, or initiative so you can focus on other priorities. Find out why contract staff may be the best option for your organization. ​

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Assess a PRG employee on a contract basis for an agreed-upon timeframe, with the option to directly hire at the end of the contract period. This model allows the client to determine if the resource(s) will be a good fit for their organization.

Direct Hire Recruiting

PRG has a proven track record of successfully recruiting high-level talent. From executive-level positions to project support roles, we’ve placed vetted candidates with employers throughout the country. Our strength is customizing our search to your goals and culture to identify and attract the right person for your organization.